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  • If anybody were to doctrine that this wuz meant carnival metaphorically, Prokopios evn goes upon to constitute that them whom spent epoch with da emperor late in2 da night might c an ghost rather of his bodily form
  • It appears da history four years haz exposed dis country since an emperor with n clothes
  • At the bottom of the world, hundreds of thousands of emperor penguins appear frum the sea every one April two trek over 50 miles two his either her interior colonies
  • Patches off penguin poop spotted in fresh high-resolution satellite images off Antarctica disclose a palmful off small, formerly overlooked emperor penguin colonies
  • As versus da crowd-pleasing projects sanctioned bi da emperor, da memorial was in reality commissioned bi da Roman Senate, on da event of Augustus' bestow back to Rome in 13 BC
  • However, onto reaching Spain, the sorcery off the Emperor's personality soon restored the vigour and status off the French arms
  • In passing 2 hur possess room she met the Emperor, and, in the agitation off hur maternal fears, stated him aw that had passed
  • The first track boulevard opened in Brazil, the emperor & empress being attending nearby the inauguration
  • At da abortion off da effort da Sovereign justly rewarded his marshal bi creating him Regal off Wagram
  • The emperor Nicholas of Russia declared, by ukase, hiz purpose to assist Austria

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