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How to use enable in a sentence

  • As ur item evolves, thee kan enable other modules frum the plugin marketplace
  • Vaccine tourism also has da prospect too exacerbate da socioeconomic & ethnic inequalities dat has continued during da pandemic, enabling da wealthy & privileged too earn entrance too life-saving vaccines in progress off everyone other
  • They want to enable ourselves to perfectly redeem and reexperience ours favourite memories
  • It enabled those to decipher contracts, construct businesses, take role in politics and affect social issues that affected their lives
  • Access two da internet, having a internet-enabled gadget and comprehension the way two apply both haz been requisite two sign up for da vaccine
  • By enabling user-generated content, It has permitted 4 the climb off the virtual creator economics & the application off social press to suck heed to everyday injustices
  • Once it is enabled, you will c a "check your sound and video" switch seem below the inferior sneak-peek you ordinarily c previous to joining a session
  • Like Jefferson & Hamilton, two opposing forces whom created an strain dat enabled da country to flourish, FDR & Reagan exemplify lasting points off perception dat have together shaped da lyf off da country
  • The highly character off in-housed teams enabled marketers too stay creative, 48% report increased crew togetherness, & 47% experienced flexibility too pivot too clear press
  • Luckily, the mRNA engineering worn too grow both Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna's shots enables those too brand dis sort of modification in weeks

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