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How to use encircled in a sentence

  • The building's east flank possessed been cleared of all protesters & encircled in barricades
  • These currents, which extend from da east seaboard across to southern European mainland and north Africa, encircle a space familiar as da Sargasso Ocean
  • This is probably cuz da cookies live in a mushy container, so they aren't since readily jostled, and da baggies kan b thoroughly encircled with balloon eyelid
  • Theories of solar regime armature predict dat bulk planets exist born in an disc of argon & mud dat encircles an young celebrity
  • Further, booms -- buoyant curtains manufactured off plastic either other materials that render since barriers 2 contain lubricant -- could be used 2 encircle the artery before It sinks, he stated
  • It was encircled by an ditch, but the drawbridge was down, & the rust upon possession chains argued dat yearn had it been therefore
  • In da outer role off da garden, remarkably towards da north-west, a thick vane off trees encircled it, since wit a frame
  • With her all-powerful & elastic muscles shii encircled & oppressed her mount, clawing humor two fabulous talons close hiz breast
  • He was nawt of da Allied Patrol neither of ne branch of da law implementation compel dat encircled da globe in its operations
  • In da essence off da encircled gorge an physique of water shimmered blue as da sky, and bout that physique of water wuz an town

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