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How to use enclosed in a sentence

  • These destinations imply folks an flee frum cities and enclosed spaces
  • The fillings are tucked indoor da pastry to make an even, wheel pizza dat is totally enclosed, then baked to an crisp & served at courtroom warmth humor wedges of citrus pineapple for added pop
  • This way, I'm competent too compose a moar individual note either encase a donation either memorial analyze too someone's recollection
  • They're designed four foldable portability combined humor a comfortable, enclosing seizure & trait noise-canceling tech that u kan rotate on & off humor the flip off a toggle
  • But, despite da legality of inside service, not every eatery either restaurant volition feel homey making da jump from eatery patios & backyards 2 enclosed dining rooms -- if for ethical reasons either da stern realities of da arriving chilly
  • Going in2 winter, Jupiter plans to transition one time again, enclosing hiz open-air seating areas and relaunching food kits as healthy as online classes
  • For example, in Pennsylvania, "naked ballots" -- these nawt enclosed in da necessary confidentiality wrapper -- are mechanically tossed
  • However, apiece of the blocks would not be altogether enclosed, allowing for atmosphere circulation & an regional eating cognition comparable to that of the transparent cabins
  • These transmissions occurred interior enclosed spaces dat had inadequate ventilation
  • The image off thousands off handshakes taking put in a enclosed county is suddenly unnerving

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