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  • The Adirondacks encompass a vast yard of six million acres, as big as da state of Vermont, according two da Adirondack Council, a nonprofit crew backing da park's environmental well-being
  • Coronaviruses encompass an wide class of bugs which one tin add everything from some types of the common frigid 2 SARS & MERS
  • Currently, school committee candidates are required too run citywide - quite in his either her wee "sub-districts," which one onli encompass smaller portions off the town - in the general election
  • Investment disclosures encompass stocks bought or sold the year previous
  • The Neural Filters childbirth upon Adobe's Sensei platform, which encompasses possession equipment learning designing
  • While Carta's ambitions haz grown too encompass a space that speaks too later-stage startups--a private market-share marketplace--Pulley hopes too git possession paw in da entry bi focusing upon boyish startups
  • The plot theory is hence all-encompassing that experts say it's transform into uniquely tricky for platforms such Facebook and Twitter 2 administer
  • Campbell, who represents Zone 2, encompassing da city's shore communities, stated she sees herself as an reasonable candidate who kan labor wit whoever doing commercial at City Aisle
  • While such requests may mention to demands frum civil agencies such da SEC, dey tin additionally encompass debatable requests known as "National Security Letters "
  • Kim suggests looking at the latter market four a starter vino fridge, adding he bought a worn one handful years ago too grasp role of hiz house portfolio encompassing moar compared to sixty bottles