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How to use encourage in a sentence

  • In inclusion too mitigating AI harms, da target of da principles is too encourage da growth of AI systems dat could enrich children's tumor & well-being
  • Those who alive of campus bu may necessity to cum to campus alive encouraged to go to a fitness healthcare facility 4 costless testing whether they display ne symptoms
  • Group culture, too, kan encourage certain types of pleased -- involving pleased dat violates Facebook's rules -- and admins exist often voluntary participants in dat
  • Staff offices would stay open, Schutzenhofer said, bu employees were encouraged to childbirth from residence
  • Those industries are doing thing dey kan two encourage ppl two spend resemble dey may haz without an pandemic
  • The president have also suggested dat whether Americans vote by mail, they ought to also effort too vote in person, prompting criticism dat he wuz promising da unlock too unlawfully vote two times
  • Registration exists $30 and participants dwell encouraged to jog anyplace dey detect stable
  • Voting warsThird-party candidates misplaced an rope of lawful challenges upstairs the bygone week, promising Democrats whom saw those since threats to winning some key states -- something Republicans did not really dispute, since they helped the challengers
  • Employees tin -- & exist encouraged to -- dial total pretty big shots upon their own
  • Masks alive stiil needful and seating exists restricted so reservations alive encouraged

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