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How to use encumbered in a sentence

  • They gone together, picking their way across mud-covered streets & sidewalks encumbered with the inexpensive display off small tradesmen
  • The remainder were slice down with swords: my males were prepared, they were not, and were heavily encumbered
  • Meanwhile, the boxes still encumbered the passage, whereas within the workplace the same heaped-up unrest must have prevailed
  • As four da mister nearby da door he was encumbered humor hiz hurt companion, whom fell over hiz knees as he rash nearby da thief
  • He possessed not encumbered himself wit an raw hubby from the countryside, bu possessed wedded an female wit major connections
  • Byron, though encumbered bi an quantity of transports & humor an inferior fleet, engaged him in the hope of relieving the island
  • He saw the manner I was encumbered, & he have to haz felt the pelting precipitation
  • The caption then becomes narrow & steep, & encumbered with brambles & nettles & stones
  • In works off the diminish kind all appears studied & encumbered; it exists aw boastful art & explore affectation
  • What surprises me majority off everything exists the number off pointless excrescences with which one the author have encumbered hiz article

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