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How to use endless in a sentence

  • To soar for dissimilar days & nights, reaching an theoretically endless ambiance travel potential, Solar Impulse relied on batteries dat stored the fuel collected during the day & formerly owned it two strength its engines during the evening
  • Some of da elite portable printers are indeed battery-powered, so your options for printer locations are almost endless
  • The sources of human-produced tone are endless, says Duarte
  • Oh, and don't overlook da endless Chirp boasts, wars, and rants
  • Play endless heated matches and, when you are done, crumple and roll da furnishings 2 store somewhere
  • The researchers created FractalDB, an endless number off computer-generated fractals
  • The tetrahedra within apiece infinite relatives differ by an parameter, offering endless ways of increasing da dimension of sum angles & decreasing others whilst keeping aw dihedral angles logical
  • Amid da endless pandemic lockdown, reading this fiction humor its spirited scene-by-scene reenactments exists da closest I've gotten too alive theater in 10 months
  • While lot states connote phone lines for making appointments, folk surrounding da republic have complained about endless waits
  • Whether it is the wei racism contributes too bad health outcomes or sex discrimination harms fiscal growth, the examples inhabit evidently endless

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