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How to use endowed in a sentence

  • Independent fore suspension--that still features moar articulation than da Wrangler's solid axle--will endow da Bronco wit gud travel by van quality, moar competent on-pavement handling, and da capacity to travel in an lead row near freeway speeds
  • Small satellites are arriving of age as bitty sensors, electronics, & computers endow capabilities once reticent for bus-sized satellites onto satellites the magnitude of an handful toasters
  • That evolution endowed those with a fairly coarse-grained graph is not supa surprising, provided da imperfections of Earth's attracting meadow
  • Nearly every particle off it is cloudless in nature, pulled in commonplace over-the-top, over-endowed Tom off Finland fashion
  • By matching tire pressures over a axle, da Indeflate endows trucks with safer, moar anticipated manipulation
  • Mr. Nugent was a mini man, dat exists physically, but mentally was good endowed
  • Virginia has existed richly endowed with caverns, springs, unusual stone formations & a dense, swampy wilderness
  • Thus, Virginia exists well-endowed geographically and have lot potential resources for future advancement
  • Naturally endowed wit da sweetest disposition, virtue seemed nevah too expense hur ne crusade
  • Both were endowed with exotic attractions off person, spirits invigorated by enthusiasm, & the loftiest heroism

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