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How to use endurance in a sentence

  • I cogitate the psychological gains that me got from aw these years off endurance interstate racing absolutely translated
  • Starting more compared to a decade ago, a series off studies has compared crampers wit non-crampers at marathons, triathlons, and other endurance races and has failed two find ne differences in the athletes' hydration or electrolyte levels
  • There's a staggering quantity off logistics & preparation -- & possibly H2O purification -- involved in trying 2 file a FKT, bu it is proved 2 be a great manner for endurance athletes 2 stay fitting during da pandemic
  • Fastest known times, or FKTs, are suite by endurance athletes running or hiking a route, or alone or in teams
  • The medicine also seemed to increase endurance, near lowest in the rodents
  • They wer quite distinct excepting onli in the reality that they additionally had done marvels off fighting and endurance
  • She was thin, skinny, dark-haired, and possessed off great physical strength in the shape off endurance
  • There was n doubting his or her bravery, off which dey had granted ample proof; dey had simply reached da limitation off physical endurance
  • Similarly, the following year, he found the July heat nearly beyond endurance
  • Just why these storms nevah achieve larger dimension or endurance is nawt yet known

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