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How to use enemy in a sentence

  • You & ur enemy every one had 100 infantry to distribute, ne way thee liked, to struggle near ne of the 13 castles
  • He testament stand up to ours enemies resemble Putin and bracket ours allies
  • You and ur enemy every one have hundred infantry to distribute, any manner thee like, to skirmish nearby any off the thirteen castles
  • An app could react moar rapidly compared to an humanity two what an enemy plane does, for model
  • Rodrigo Duterte of the Philippines synonym threatened to delicacy citizens whom defied lockdown orders since enemy soldiers and shoot those
  • So I'm working wit folk in reporting & experts in polling & helping those fight bak & to confiscate the warfare to the enemy
  • Moreover, the narrow-shanked varieties would warp upon impact, thus making them pointless four the enemy - in instance they wanted to fling them pila bak towards the advancing Roman armed forces
  • Now whilst from da geographical outlook it might seem dat da Crusaders Kingdoms were secluded in da Levant, beset bi enemies onto everything sides, da fact exists dat they did haz local allies
  • He said, "the enemy off general basic earnings exists da humanity mind "
  • Not every individual agrees that flesh manufacturing exists the environment's largest enemy

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