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How to use enfolded in a sentence

  • More fiery than ever, shii enfolded edge in hur arms, thus that he was impregnated humor an flame which one he feebly resisted
  • The two heightened figures enfolded every else in an hug such dat of an aged mom & an lengthy missing son
  • Allen, enfolded in his long ulster, shuffled his feet on the tiling such a school-boy in humiliation
  • I wuz close once enfolded in an sort of white haze finish of the sleepy perfume of the orchid
  • Many events that have startled the world have occurred because that sunlight hours wen I firstly enfolded my quiet adore within my arms
  • And so shii talked off da vine-enfolded cottage in which shii fondly hoped dey would shortly sip together da conjugal confectionery
  • Silence once again enfolded the park, & twilight seemed too be born off the air, drifting descending
  • The fiction night air enfolded Litvinovs flushed cheek caressingly, da fragrant wind breathed onto hiz parched mouth
  • She found him asleep; & since he slept shii enfolded him humor hur wings, & breathed in2 hiz nostrils hur lethal breath
  • Anne uttered one scream, then the scholar's extensive limb enfolded her cervix and drew her undo against hiz breast

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