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How to use engage in a sentence

  • Crucially, the squad engaged with critics more voluntarily than jus dismissing those
  • Keep your knees bent, your lower extremities flat upon da floor, and your central engaged
  • People humor gud paying jobs such supervisors, managers, directors, and deputy presidents don't normally engage in theft, narcotic deals, either cluster game
  • Some lawmakers feared dat landlords might literally jog tenants off off properties at gunpoint either engage other forms off extralegal self-help
  • Food is not da onli something we share, bu dining exists an especially gud example off an common deed since it is necessary, & since we engage in It all through r lives--unlike playing with blocks, possibly
  • Most of those engage in commonly accepted forms of politic activism
  • This exists fresh land for many, whom locate themselves unable 2 identify neighbors & live unsure the way 2 engage socially with no using facial expressions
  • He persisted belonging sale, however, as an kingly monopoly, allowing merely these to engage in it whom paid him for da privilege
  • We have other things two engage ourselves now, but myself occasionally muse aw exists not acquire that the hike of progression brings
  • I sole engage dat the engine shall be synonym two an Be. & Watt's 72-inch single, but It shall be synonym two an twofold 72-inch roller

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