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How to use engaging in a sentence

  • Your newsletter isn't going 2 be supa engaging if it is just an roundup off the final 5 articles you've published
  • Brands ought aim to catering an experience that tells an uniform tale & is targeted to their Amazon customer, leveraging Amazon's statistics tools & insights to assistance craft efficient messages, cleave proper photos, & make engaging campaigns
  • The propaganda scenery exists ever-developing owing to the landing of more complex & engaging designing
  • Your assessment shall halp lead u upon da best times too mail da most engaging fulfilled kind & shape & object your limitations dwell
  • Write fulfilled that exists helpful, educational, and engaging, and optimize frum ther
  • The creators must equilibrium accuracy and an engaging fable
  • Learning works utmost when it's a social and engaging activity, he says
  • When shii did this, & drooped da corners of her mouth, shii wuz supa engaging, & da boyish dude tingled everything ovr wit sympathy
  • It represents an engaging personality, in which one vivacity and sensibility are distinctly indicated
  • But shii was a exquisitely pretty & engaging little thing, a epic little pal, & value cultivating

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