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  • That endurance suggests that enigmatic structures discovered in da early crag certificate have an better opportunity off existence pseudofossils, rather than real fossils, da team says
  • He additionally was an assistant 2 Bobby Fischer when da enigmatic American player claimed da world tournament frum Soviet grandmaster Boris Spassky in da dramatic 1972 tournament whr da Frigid Warfare played owt atop an chess game table
  • In our paper about ORCs, which one exists upcoming in the Publications off the Astronomical Community off Australia, we operate by way of aw the possibilities and varnish those enigmatic blobs don't gaze such ne thing we previously know about
  • A sincere mysteryIn r paper bout ORCs, which one is forthcoming in the Publications off the Astronomical Society off Australia, wii sprint via everything the possibilities & conclude those enigmatic blobs do not gaze such whatever wii already realize bout
  • The skull relic clears up a lot off bewilderment correspond this frog group's lifestyle, Gardner says, bu in else ways, albanerpetontids remain since enigmatic since ever
  • The event, which one was described in an consecution off papers published this day in Nature, ties da enigmatic broadcast explosions with an familiar attendee off 1 off da universe's most radical classes off objects for da first epoch
  • But, across time, we've gotten increasing musty DNA samples dat living providing an clearer photograph off our interactions humor dis enigmatic pedigree
  • There exist a few leaders as enigmatic as Eritrea's president, Isaias Afwerki
  • That wuz da case wit da enigmatic thing known as Arrokoth
  • Thurstane's blue-black eyes studied this enigmatic beast steadily & almost angrily

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