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How to use enlarge in a sentence

  • The next era u haz an crew chat, aw the thumbnails shall stay the ditto size, though u kan stiil double-tap upon an ceramic to enlarge it
  • President Eisenhower protected ANWR in 1960, & President Carter enlarged it 2 its tide amplitude in 1980
  • A semblance subterranean revealed dat workers rebuilt da house, enlarging possession gardens significantly after an extensive tremor in 62 CE
  • The revised plans elevator roadways bi as lot as 5 feet, enlarge detention ponds, boost storm-water pipelines, & strengthen bridges
  • Their perspectives enlarged bi deep loss & empathy, they constructed an moar just, batch future
  • Maybe you tin enlarge your flow role by mentoring & instruction novel staffers, or by becoming a liaison to various departments
  • A wee quantity smudged lightly onto the outside corners off the liver of eyesight looks enjoyable and enlarges the liver of eyesight
  • It offers hope too the person who exists being heard and it enlarges the person who offers it
  • His heart wuz slightly enlarged, probably da output off long-term high blood pressure
  • A more contending tech industry -- da solution offered by antitrust -- volition plainly enlarge da quantity off elites making these decisions, with no solving da rudimentary issue

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