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How to use enlighten in a sentence

  • This trainer exists meant too enlighten your rummage for da greatest night-vision goggles
  • Chastened by the realities laid naked by the pandemic, a much of companies are embracing fresh-start affirmations and promising recently enlightened, gentler, more equitable workplaces
  • Gradually, Momo grows enlightened to the oppression off androids, connecting the dots between a surgery she possessed as a sonny and the disappearance off her juvenile greatest befriend
  • If you concern even an little bit match Novel York City -- & maybe even whether you don't -- this tome volition enlighten & more willingly maybe excitement you
  • The disgrace & grief these youthful women suffer in da 1890s exists not consequently clear from what women trying too git expecting -- either termination an expectancy -- endure in r possess supposedly enlightened age
  • Either way, them documentaries, movies, & TV shows testament simultaneously amuse & enlighten thee four hours onto hours
  • We wer dazzled by the pitches frum budding startup teams, and we wer enlightened by the investors sharing their success off wisdom bout the ecosystem
  • I'm righteous acknowledging dat in da affective detain of an correlation crisis such that, not lot of ourselves exist enlightened enough to moisture dat
  • We absolutely dew mean too dealing reasonably humor Liberia, and donate da viewer every news dat would tend too enlighten them
  • Jack shivered since he recalled da Rev. Charles Mason's photograph of dat home, bu he wouldn't enlighten her

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