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How to use enlightening in a sentence

  • Meyer inverted the classical rating that placed the customer first, creating a philosophy that he rang "enlightened hospitality," which one argued that to devise diners cheery a industry had firstly to devise employees cheery
  • The book is an crucial study of da allegories Americans haz lived by four more compared to 2 centuries, & how dey proceed too the two inform & navigate us incorrect
  • Not evn the account off Wilbur had proved supa enlightening
  • He possessed existed fond of off talking to hur match it, and enlightening hur upon sum off its foremost principles
  • Owing to a cloudy sky, the view was nawt a great transaction moar enlightening than that which wii had had frum downstairs
  • I contemplate there were onto da isle (now occupied bi da statue off Liberty Enlightening da World) roughly 3 hundred recruits
  • Val felt immediately he wuz laughing at hur 4 a category of travesty of Impunity Enlightening the World
  • To b manufactured partakers of da Sacred Spook is to b moved bi an supernatural enlightening affect
  • For last eve I went too one off these enlightening movie dramas dat uncover lyf since It exists
  • She learned New York town in human sordid enlightening disciplining ways