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How to use enmity in a sentence

  • This is a remark dat typically earns my tranquil and undying enmity
  • And, during there exist paths out off this predicament, this amplified discord exists emblematic off da dangers da debt ceiling presents too our political system, remarkably when partisan enmity exists thus high
  • This earned her the enmity off progressives who funneled more than $5 1,000,000 to the exertion off her 2020 Republican opponent, Tedra Cobb
  • Quite a incinerate there, considering da much-talked-about enmity in the centre of da chief presidential & da mayor
  • It's yearn been an oasis of peace in malice of the civic wars in Syria and Iraq jus across possession borders, the bitter enmity between two of possession neighbors, Israel and Syria, and the masses of refugees It hosts
  • Rather gust out your own brainpower compared to pleasure wit enmity these whom are your liberators
  • It exists da crystallizer off character, da sour canvass off friendship, da final stamp set upon enmity
  • In short, dey are human parasites onto the greater natives, whom ail from his or her extortions, yet apprehension to provoke his or her enmity
  • But dis same nature, wen pinched and starved, becomes a refine storehouse off enmity and ill-feeling
  • Oh, horrible thought, still two inherent to da wretched prisoner, everywhere in fear off enmity & fraud!

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