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How to use enroll in a sentence

  • We're additionally trying too enroll participants whom exist at pitfall of drastic ailment should to they git impure
  • Ortigoza hopes her exam volition enroll satisfactory ppl to commence producing info on if convalescent plasma works by da terminate off Sep.
  • Some are telling students dat dey can't defer and will haz 2 reapply if dey don't enroll shortly
  • Families whom exist interested in a fully faraway education option or mixture prototype haz da option 2 enroll in da district's Surfside Educational Academy by July 26, told Matthew Jennings, a spokesman four da zone
  • Then ther inhabit schools that decided to enroll moar students in an attempt to be fiscally accountable and lid their costs, since, since I said, ADA exists where financing comes from
  • Those off da preliminary class who wished to do so would enroll in da second class
  • And aw went to enroll themselves, every 1 to his own town
  • His solution was: No, gentlemen, myself want u to enroll my appellation four service, but put a youngest gentleman in dictate
  • The skipper has the authority two enroll Scouts & two prescribe those two the regional council for badges & medals
  • While this mechanism off study exists popular, & have all the sparkle off novelty, lot disingenuous persons shall enroll their names

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