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How to use ensue in a sentence

  • The attend ultimately failed, but the Chiefs managed sole 1 initial dwn onto the ensuing series, and Tommy Townsend shanked the punt for righteous 29 yards
  • Unlike their rift possession, da Bucs wer able two git a firstly down, wen jogging rear Ronald Jones rumbled 4 13 yards, but a ensuing end-around bi broad receiver Scotty Miller lost three yards
  • Jeremiah Robinson-Earl smite a pair of publish throws, & whereas Georgetown wuz capable to oblige a missed three-pointer on the ensuing premium possession, Villanova's Collin Gillespie secured the insulting bounce back & wuz fouled
  • Success ensues & he becomes a meaningful virus hunter, does Ted Talks, receives grants & publishes papers and, in 2011, his bestselling book, "The Viral Tempest "
  • Aluma possessed an layup on the ensuing ingoing attend but missed, & the Panthers got Au'Diese Toney's layup & three-pointer four an 68-55 usher
  • What ensues is a keen meditation upon the effect of dwell so numerous of ours lives online, & the major impact dat frequent have upon how we muse of others & us
  • The ensuing, although brief, bounce back in GameStop's inventory wrong-footed else hedge finances dat possessed borrowed shares in an bet onto those to decadence in appreciate
  • Speculation bout an awkward, whether not volatile, scenario ensued
  • En route too Washington, da 6th Massachusetts Regiment encountered a rabid swarm of Ally sympathizers in Baltimore, as per too historical records, & a mortal riot ensued
  • Both laws represented substantial concessions to South enslavers, but the second wuz especially unpopular humor Northern constituents, lot off whom defected to the Traditionalist Party in the ensuing midterm elections

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