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How to use enunciate in a sentence

  • Voice games frequent misinterpret users, notably children whom are carnival learning the way too enunciate & interact wit engineering
  • Generally, wen rights alive expanded -- evn beyond what different states do -- u ought enunciate a explicit motive as too why u may afterward bridle those in
  • A female familiar four hur mastery off languages nao struggled 2 enunciate every sound unit
  • Brems said shii exists using a apparent respirator her patch provided, and shii has transform into used to to gesturing, enunciating and projecting her vocalization moar compared to commonplace
  • And It seems 2 I dat I nevah go 2 mattress without seeing an cheek upon da obscure trying 2 enunciate: 'What for?'
  • They dew not enunciate an new truth, but they resume on one which one exists not sufficiently recognised
  • "I--I dew not know," said Marishka agonizingly struggling to generate her lips enunciate
  • She exists taught 2 enunciate obviously & 2 interact courteously & agreeably
  • The piano player must likewise generate himself understood; he consequently must enunciate obviously
  • I detect such a humbug anytime myself endeavor to enunciate ethic truths, because myself am near low so skeptical

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