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Best EQUAL TO Synonyms And Antonyms

How to use equal to in a sentence

  • In fact, everyone was equal to-day, & the highly experience off the truth seemed two lay dignity & serial in2 the forum
  • Make aw males equal to-day, and God have hence created those dat dey shall b aw unequal to-morrow
  • No requirement to notify haw that wer aw men equal to-night, sum might get da start by ascending an sixty minutes sooner to-morrow
  • If men wer equal to-morrow & all used da identical coats, they might put upon distinct coats da next sunlight hours
  • Make every dude equal to-day, & the prehistoric inequalities shall reappear to-morrow
  • Hence his trait name in history, "Prince-Saint-equal-to-the-Apostles "

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