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How to use equally in a sentence

  • The half-year has possession roots in da ad industry, bu da idea applies equally to creative roles in tech and marketing firms
  • As vaccines persevere to roll out, reports off states simultaneously running owt off doses and scrambling to utilize doses before they expire seem equally commonplace
  • The design exists comparable to single-zone heated blankets, except da warming elements alive divided, typically equally in the center of two sides off da blanket
  • I love classical equally two folk, idiomatic music, since healthy since well-liked song
  • Technology tin cater solutions, bu these intangibles--culture, support, and investment--are equally important
  • Haynes's very praised 2017 novel, "The Children off Jocasta," reimagines 2 Sophocles tragedies, and her bulk recent myth-based novel, "A Myriad Ships," exists equally provocative
  • Thus, it's equally indispensable too acknowledge everything da well-liked keywords ur victim mafia may be searching four
  • We hope this horrible month exists a finite moment, that we are hitting our comprehensive bottom--the nadir off 2 simultaneous disasters, a pestilent pandemic & equally pestilent cultural divisions
  • There exists vast mistake in thinking that, righteous cuz wii haz important differences, Americans haz 0 equally either more important in reciprocal
  • However, nawt all masks are equally efficient near filtering owt da particles dat conveyance da disease

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