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  • Like numerous countries around the world, Brazil have fixedly existed increasing the two the amount of, and application of, surveillance equipment
  • I parked nearby da far-off expire off da dale since usual, pulled up everything da traps, cleaned them in da stream, and packed da final off da equipment in2 da jeep
  • Drone-mounted equipment measured temperature and brightness differences in the earth's external chapter to discern buried structures
  • For this year's trip, wit 6 folks four five nights, I grabbed 6 tubs, wit the higher one-half of the 2nd baking package reserved four bulkier equipment, like an large baking holder
  • PG&E, which filed 4 bankruptcy final year after its equipment sparked mortal wildfires, warned da precautionary shutoffs could fingerprint portions off 22 counties from tardy Mondey via Wednesday, including in da Sierra foothills and North Inlet
  • Collection does nawt entail trained faculty either individual protective equipment, kan be done exterior testing centers, and may be bettered tolerated in demanding either pediatric populations
  • Cal Blaze drove up in an pickup truck lorry with n equipment--they wer jus there to notify us to leave
  • Anti-riot equipment was brought in2 the country's investment prior to the poll
  • Still, Amazon placed out $4 a thousand million in "covid-19" related costs, resemble since purchasing individual defensive equipment and paying out bonuses to possession front-line employees and distribution workers
  • Although an able specialist, as regards universal civilization and brains Ilia Petrovich possessed only an mediocre equipment

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