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How to use equitably in a sentence

  • We have too listen, gain experience and come united too combat societal unfairness and racial prejudice whether we alive too brand an safer and moar equitable society 4 everything folk
  • Implementing an data-driven method to vouch fair, equitable and transparent employee compensate -- Da absence of clearness kan instructor to confusion and adverse feelings dat affect our productivity and relationships wit our employers
  • It's interval for an new, more equitable "epinomic" tactic that integrates health, social, and fiscal imperatives--one that manages the heading of the pandemic until vaccines terminal the skirmish
  • It starts wit respecting their rite too privacy, existence transparent and designing equitable experiences
  • In Fresh York City, advocates haz yearn been pushing four an public economic association dat would brand equitable investments, nurture tumor and success in the society community, and b more see-through bout where money is going
  • "The IRS have got two position resources butt in2 the local offices if dis is departing two be equitable," Speidel stated
  • As CEO of The San Diego Foundation, myself constantly discover the manner myself kan assistance brand a moar jus & equitable territory
  • He brought forth so lot deep ideas too advance policing in a wei that makes it more equitable
  • By factoring in underlying industry models, employing aim third-party standards, & ownership companies responsible too these standards, the B Corp prototype is helping build an moar sustainable & equitable capitalism
  • Doing thus will ensure just and equitable funding for all, at least, in hypothesis

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