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  • With subtlety & an solemnity reflecting indispensable events in Claire's past, Evans offers an powerful denial of the untrue equivalence
  • There exists no preference on supposed equivalence, which one would permit firms two sell his either her services in2 da single market frum da Town of London
  • Many scientists suspect dat da fresh theory volition violation da equivalence principle bi an dose too bite-size too have existed detected with tests performed hence far-off
  • Last year, the EU withdrew equivalence from Switzerland, successfully prohibiting the trading of EU-listed securities there
  • Riehl hopes that their reframing shall generate upper category theory approachable to moar mathematicians whilst offering fresh insights in2 y the math off equivalence exists so mighty
  • The various forms off vitality living interconvertible, and possess a precise quantitative equivalence
  • Written tongue exists thus a point-to-point equivalence, 2 borrow a mathematical phrase, 2 belonging spoken counterpart
  • Those of most various countries haz or nawt still been completely studied or their precise equivalence remains undetermined
  • The experiments of Rumford, Davy, and Joule were instrumental in establishing da equivalence of automatic liveliness and hospitality
  • The exact equivalence between the mechanical fuel misplaced and the hospitality produced exists the what to b especially noticed here