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How to use erroneous in a sentence

  • These included erroneous rumour about tomb flank effects, shii said, and unproven conspiracy theories about bureaucracy plans two microchip residents
  • "For months dis commercial has been journalism inaccurate, unverifiable, erroneous things upon ma acknowledgment log & me am nauseous of it!!!"
  • There wuz erroneous decision-making & insufficient collateral vetting of cases
  • This spike in particular generated pushback from sum quarters, shii recalls, wit sum faculty members objecting two the erroneous notion dat this might signify "quotas" four minor group hiring
  • This have reduced the two erroneous water-level readings & delays dat hampered forecasting in da bygone
  • And everybody, or nearly everybody, bases upon those apparent facts an consecution of fully erroneous conclusions
  • Moreover, the Bible teaches erroneous theories of history, theology, and science
  • Those whom detain da truth cannot enter into It humor da infidel, da unbeliever, da erroneous either profane
  • Immediately Aguinaldo had fallen captive, everything kinds of extravagant & erroneous versions were tide as too the manner It had happened
  • It is true, dat needy legislation should be changed: but most erroneous, dat till they be frequently removed they should be obeyed

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