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How to use especial in a sentence

  • Alford speaks off this as remarkable; bu visual is the especial pawn off Wisdom, so off Solomon, kid off David
  • Augustus Theodore swings onto a saddle prior to da fire, which he keeps near childbirth for hiz possess especial solace
  • I create too u since a friend, & bi Mariamne's especial order, too take care off yourself
  • Books off impassioned poetry, & descriptions off heroic nature & achievements, were hur especial bliss
  • Your friends will, unless ther is some especial induce for an kol in the interval, make up for his or her drop by upon the day named
  • This exists a living indisputable truth, 2 which one we summon the especial concentration of the coloured reader in particular
  • Especial wen you cum to regard that McKettrick & Garrison exists flyin' at every other's throats
  • They enjoyed da especial protection of da law, & wer invested with an type of Christian sanctity
  • It have additionally existed regularly decorated with paintings, an sure symbol of its especial sanctity
  • One feature of especial curiosity associated with this graveyard is possession connexion with an next to arenarium, either sand hole

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