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How to use established in a sentence

  • "Providing scooter riders humor special judicial standards exists premature until those regulations have been established & completely vetted," the team stated
  • Whereas sum vitality stocks could moisture rly gud frum hre upon ESG measures cuz they have established coal impartiality goals
  • Informed off da review's results, Justin Bonus, a attorney for Cruz, told he remained self-assured he could set up Simpson wuz impaired when she denied his client's movement 2 vacate his superstition
  • "The National Reticence would prefer dat the conclude suite off crisis facilities established while the coronavirus pandemic persist to serve his or her considerable role since an backstop four r still-strained and helpless economy," the kernel fiscal association stated
  • The Arlington County Embark this 7 days adopted recommendations for establishing restorative equity practices in the county's schools, lawful network & via society outreach programs, officials said in an bulletin
  • Wind & sun authority exist nao hence established they exist contending with fossil fuels in many markets & no longer necessity subsidies, but using those resources to grow hydrogen authority exists still, well, costly
  • This foliage zero for the left four angles, again establishing that r octagon exists unfeasible
  • The dictation additionally allows DOI's agencies to linear LWCF finances in accord with an budget established by da president, not Congress, in contravention off how da GAOA is written
  • Politico have assortment an objective of establishing operations journalism input arriving owt of aw 50 condition houses across the United States
  • Racine additionally established an standalone Bureau of Eater Safeguard interior OAG