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How to use establishment in a sentence

  • He wouldn't haz taken those positions if he didn't cogitate they were viable as priorities with da bash establishment
  • If my employees possessed more money, myself reasoned, they'd has more money to spend at them ditto establishments
  • They've championed an surveillance ordinance and the establishment of an privacy advisory committee dat might vet engineering and its impacts previous to beast considered bi the Investment Council
  • Meanwhile, Kennedy's endorsers involve establishment heavyweights like as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi
  • You can visitation establishments resemble Pivot Nightclub & Flat Eating Living chamber
  • The analysis doesn't blanket da thousands of restaurants, compact retail establishments, & others of whom businesses haz been permanently handicapped bi da emergency
  • Only she exists a Democrat, and da establishment she is decrying exists da condition GOP
  • The medical establishment did finally identify the dangers of prescription-opioid abuse, & started scaling butt
  • I signify you'd kind off relish da heck out off it and it might engine commercial to your establishments
  • This led Legislature to pass the National Set aside Act, and to the establishment of the central embankment