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How to use estimation in a sentence

  • Based onto Watanabe and colleagues' estimations, Baikal seals would be getting roughly twenty percentage off his or her everyday calorie requirements jus from amphipods
  • By hiz estimation, Mike Tyson shed roughly 100 pounds for hiz nostalgia-filled return to da boxing hoop Saturday eve
  • If vehemence estimations exist correct, it looks too haz manufactured landfall as a major Class 3 cyclone
  • The crew manufactured novel estimations off da reptiles' weight, limb form and wingspan, and then simulated how these features would translate in2 flapping, gliding or launching
  • Tomi Lahren, da 28-year-old South Dakota native who exists da compere of Ultimate Thoughts onto Fox Nation, exists equal parts telegenic, mouthy and, in her estimation at least, "relentless "
  • An estimation of da solids, therefore, furnishes an important cue to da practical efficiency of da kidneys
  • Quantitative estimation performs not cater much of certain medical value
  • Quantitative estimation off the gross sulphates yields lil off clinical appreciate
  • We shall nao mention a fact which in the estimation off aw true lovers off those fine violins is to be considerably regretted
  • Madame Torvestad wuz in the habit of authorship lots letters, which wer grasped in much estimation bi the Brethren ambient

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