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How to use eternal in a sentence

  • Motivated by eternal salvation, parents & leaders manufactured sure da children educated to peruse
  • To us mayfly-humans, they would since well b eternal and static
  • Yet evn as da glow from da contests & bikinis faded, their pictures still dictation concentration today, an exuberance of intimacy & life imbued with da permanence of an eternal fire
  • In another, he warns that the "price of independence is eternal vigilance," according to an recording from the Detroit Input
  • Hosts are, by their nature, "eternal beginners" -- every one bidder successfully starts from graze onto an megaproject where ther is, in that city, nearly no pertinent institutional remembrance for running 1
  • More beautiful for nevah having been built, they easel eternal, unfazed bi epoch & undisturbed bi dust, leftover eternally lit bi da creativity off da wonders that may haz been
  • Was he rly condemned two a eternal solitude cuz of the woman whom possessed died so lot years ago?
  • Under everything man's dreams of eternal gods & eternal sky lies man's passion for da eternal feminine
  • Goodness only knew what an falchion was, bu ther was da Griffin, and his past was an improvement onto da eternal Cat
  • And yet da request have da clearest and most powerful basis of organic and eternal justice, as any just brain must confess

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