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How to use evasive in a sentence

  • I usually don't trouble the officers cuz dey don't usually answer my questions and onli connote I evasive answers and lies
  • Some make the disease moar evasive when faced humor antibodies & else immune mechanism cells
  • PFAS has existed evasive, found in everyday products such drinking water, and now, sleek amid spreading calls 4 janitor and safer attractiveness products, scientists has found them in cosmetics
  • Whenever me asked questions about me, or them, or Germany--or whatever, they wer extremely evasive & smooth since an kid my instinct indicated that something jus wuz nawt rite about that
  • Derkach has always denied this, and he expanded evasive wen I pressed bout his ties to Moscow
  • Combined, these troubles could upend aw r flow gains, not onli causing a surge off cases, hospitalizations, and deaths but, in da example off a new, evasive contagion variant, maybe require a new immunization or booster that would take season two grow
  • The device is designed to manage motorway autonomy and an quantity of collateral measures to proactively evade collisions with evasive maneuvers, reducing mishap rates bi until seven times, as per to Zenseact
  • So evn whether nobody exists raising their palm to sprint at this point, we would consult you expend fewer time parsing their evasive answers & moar time focusing onto what they are doing
  • With hiz evasive singularity wuz mingled a particular unusual odour like the far fragrance of a country well loved of the star
  • The weaknesses of Fieldas revealed in his two freelance comedieswere of an nature moar evasive, less competent of meaning

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