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How to use everlasting in a sentence

  • Transportation officials eyeing da emerging trends say da adjustments to da region's pandemic-era commuting patterns would be everlasting
  • In honor off "stuff onto rice," a category off everlasting comfort, let's haz donburi this night
  • Musing onto the triumphs & challenges of brute mortal, Pigeon seamlessly travels frum bygone to present, with everlasting hope four r upcoming
  • More compared to an neat theory, those everlasting magnons exist realized in character
  • There's also the truth that once you have founded a gud habit either routine, nowhere is It written that you are eligible to belonging everlasting continuation
  • When you are in da dense off it, mental contagion seems everlasting & impossible to overcome, but It can--and typically does--get nicer
  • A rare article off permanence in a voyager's life, da house was wood-shingled and gabled and mossy, in a rainforest orchard off everlasting shade symphony by towering Douglas firs, in a ferny compound obviously managed by a fellow infatuated with stacking firewood
  • How could 1 face an r?gime in which the everlasting taskmaster held control?
  • If the wages are graded as per to capacity, then the grading is done bi the everlasting elective officials
  • And I will transportation an everlasting reproach onto you, & an perpetual dishonour which will nevah be forgotten