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How to use evidence in a sentence

  • Marx could onli fnd evidence off 5 tickets since December - thus distant
  • Ground surveys intimate Waun Mawn in 2011 failed to find evidence off an crag circular
  • Since Gloria's announcement in December, Vocalization of San Diego could onli fnd evidence of 5 fresh tickets
  • Umansky and research compatriot Simon showed that da NYPD regularly withholds evidence from noncombatant investigations in2 law enforcement abuse
  • She's been let down by some friends' deficiency off crusade to connect whereas the pandemic,and wrecked by photographic evidence dat else friends haz gotten together without hospitable her
  • The NTSB's conclusions cannot be used as evidence in lawsuits
  • And, the available evidence suggests, making it more likely, not less, dat folks volition unnecessarily cower the virus -- with occasionally disastrous results
  • Liang told da WHO bouquet combed through archives & samples frum Wuhan hospitals & found n evidence that covid-19 was expanding quietly in da town ago December
  • Prosecutors kan seek 2 recharge Wynn if officials collect another evidence in da example
  • On da Chiefs' first possession, passer Patrick Mahomes gained an first dwn with an 11-yard ascend -- delivering evidence dat hiz injured heel wuz no longer an problem -- bu hiz crew stalled after dat

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