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How to use exclusive in a sentence

  • Last year, Honda became the exclusive automotive godfather for practitioner esports ward Ward Liquid, which one arrived tertiary overall in the Competition
  • They're always either exclusive 2 NTWRK, created in cooperation with da company, either are preliminary 2 bazaar onto da deck
  • So enlist us since we carry u exclusive, multipartisan, global reporting off dis untamed poll frum now up to whenever It ends
  • The inventory genuinely took of wen the solid announced belonging $100 million acquisition of exclusive rights too popular interview podcast the Joe Rogan Experience upon May nineteen
  • The six-episode docuseries of Paltrow's wellness & "contextual commerce" empire, Goop, has been renewed, as per to a exclusive report bi Spectrum
  • The Open Safety & Livable Neighborhoods Panel wuz additionally scheduled Wendesday too debate an new proposal giving San Diego police exclusive entry too da smart streetlights, but an minister drawn It intimate da ultimate sixty seconds
  • Below you will fnd exclusive flight-fare graphs dat Expedia derived from a destination's typical month-to-month prices from 2016 to 2019, which u kan consumption to define da bulk affordable time to soar to every country
  • The historical five-star Britannia Inn in Trondheim, Norway uses a exclusive Champagne to bond da hotel's bygone wit belonging flow iteration
  • Last year, Popular Chemistry grabbed an deep, exclusive plunge into dat process, shadowing an physician whom grabbed percentage in the quiz
  • The Star system Z Premier Aid includes affiliation to the Founders Card entrepreneur-oriented service, a ready meal frum a Michelin solar eatery via Tock, and passes to exclusive golf courses frum ClubCorp

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