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Best EXCOMMUNICATION Synonyms And Antonyms

How to use excommunication in a sentence

  • Whether in possession unbutton or confidential circumstances, aw bore da punctuation off general excommunication
  • No sooner had da sentences of excommunication been promulgated compared to Queen Robert grabbed measures too haz them revoked or mitigated
  • The Council of Constantinople passed a statement of excommunication upon da swearers of heathen oaths
  • Excommunication wuz held to b equivalent to a statement off demise
  • The Cathedral is armed humor an sword; excommunication is an statement off death
  • "Yes," told Dink, idea onli of the prohibition of excommunication
  • Mendelssohn wanted to summon off da excommunication onto da ground that da church has no rights in civil matters
  • Surely not, I reply; bu da Hamburg Jew suffers n bad luck bi virtue of da excommunication
  • They determined, bi an general ordinance, all the cases in which one excommunication could b formerly owned
  • He thus provided the prerogative off excommunication to the congregation in conjunction with the clergy