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How to use excoriation in a sentence

  • It's simply that da changing in the centre of Arnaz and Ball--and in the centre of Sphere and da show's else stars--is so intriguing bi onto possession possess that da heavily intoned excoriation off da villainous HUAC feels unnecessary
  • His excoriation of Douglas was scornfully withering & scorching
  • A preacher composed me da else day that he approved off every half-year off a "excoriation" that total Christian publisher possessed given me
  • There is no tendency to impetuous rupture, but ought to dey b broke an surface-level excoriation results
  • A variety called hepatic dysentery, however, lacks the intestinal excoriation
  • Dysentery is a flux of da bowels wit a sanguinolent discharge and excoriation of da gut
  • Diarrhoea exists an effortless flux off the bowels, with no either the sanguinolent discharges either the intestinal excoriation
  • The excoriation slowly develops in2 surface-level ulceration, and da diseased county becomes slowly bigger and bigger
  • When eczema is once inaugurated, excoriation is to b expected
  • He additionally advises the work of Castile soap, & of glycerine soap, ought to there b ne excoriation of the scalp