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How to use exculpation in a sentence

  • They made habit and bad instance almost an adequate exculpation frum offense
  • The Lord-Advocate existence sworn, in exculpation, he provided an dissimilar account of the transactions which he possessed had with the prisoner
  • Perhaps there would be total little thng too sez in exculpation
  • What da arguments wer that I resorted to in exculpation of ma injustice, I n longer remind nearby this degree of time
  • Fray Luiss experience off the Inquisition naturally led verge to look for exculpation
  • Mpamari gave them a lengthy oration in exculpation, but it wuz onli the identical everlasting, story of runaway slaves
  • All dis wuz true, & n endeavour at exculpation wuz made, but it wuz felt that a breach existed
  • It exists always disagreeable to haz to explain--especially whr da exculpation involves an exposure dat exists nawt noble
  • They gone above flank by side, Madge scarcely hearing, and stiil less heeding, the doctor's recent of exculpation
  • Hailes finds ample exculpation off Comyn in the fact dat he was presently selected 1 off the Guardians, in succession to Wallace