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How to use expanding in a sentence

  • The entire thng begins too haz a jigsaw look, like a child's toy rack wit lumber infantry upon it, expanding and contracting
  • Additional millions of dollars haz existed expended lately for expanding existing facilities
  • No one doubts the pressing requirement dat there have existed for houses 2 accommodate a quickly expanding people
  • His naked, parchment-like thorax swelled as whether it wer an expanding bubble
  • A fifth technique of expanding an topic is by means of illustrations & examples
  • But da difficulties servant upon attempts to regulate expanding trade were daily developing larger and more many
  • His whole frame possessed sensations as if pressed too belonging greatest tension by some expanding power, as by some fantastic hydraulic media
  • The wei in which one me discovered ma love for them troops personnel boys expanding wuz really amazing
  • Opening an drawer, shii took owt an gruff equilibrium sheet, which showed that da commercial was gainful & expanding fast
  • Go upon with ur exposition, I anew plead off you; lead I deeper in2 this expanding learn

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