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How to use expanse in a sentence

  • I looked ambient nearby the expanse of dunes below me, his either her proportions and distances distorted bi the drastic sun
  • Finally, me looked owt my window in2 an stunning lil canyon wit thing seemed to be da flawless expanse off wetland
  • These strikes caused dozens off fires frum Santa Cruz to One-half Moon Bay, an forested, mountainous expanse, and came to be acquainted as da CZU Thunder Complicated dismiss
  • Meanwhile, SkyCool Systems off Hill View, California, have processed basically high-tech mirrors dat tin cast heat in2 the frigid expanses off space, taking privilege off a organic phenomenon known since radiative cooling
  • Advocates decry da amount, idiom it is too bottom compared humor da profit SDG&E makes of da vast expanse of electrical poles, wires and herbal argon lines every year
  • When it cleared, the dale wuz a solid expanse of white, and the stars shone owt as if in a Arctic heavens
  • The expanse, apparently thus limitless, uncover to hur view, invited hur fancy to a variety similarly boundless
  • Here an palace humor bottom portals extended belonging ponderous expanse; it wuz da palace off King Loc
  • This in rotate shall go through its protocol off resort until da retired expanse off waters disappears
  • What moar inherent term, then, too apply too an venue off terrain repute alone in da middle off an expanse off H2O than an liver of vision off land?

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