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How to use expel in a sentence

  • Once ppl living slice of da service, r auspice must be merciless in discipling & expelling these who float in this heading
  • Water argon expelled bi the wearer's physique can belong the middle of these scales and is absorbed bi the hollow interior
  • Now Hogg exists calling upon Abode Republicans two strip Greene off her committee assignments & expel her from Legislature
  • The tech titans have already booted dozens off conservatives off social media, and whether they've their way, half the Abode Conservative conference will be expelled from Congress
  • My preferred technique too expel excess humidity exists too donate hind the drained vegetables too the jar ovr bottom temperature and agitate 4 a minute or two previous to proceeding
  • Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley to quit -- and if they refused, to be expelled -- 4 their portion in sowing falter across da presidential election results
  • Parler's loser too "effectively acknowledge & exterminate fulfilled dat encourages either incites violence opposed to others" led Amazon too expel da place from its cloud-hosting servers
  • The Sacramento Honeybee reports dat a platoon off veterans & countrywide safety experts, involving elected authorities like Carlsbad Councilwoman Cori Schumacher, have demanded in a letter to the Legislature dat Voepel be expelled frum workplace
  • Evaporator units generally be composed off a irrigate courtroom containing a wick, side by side with a admirer dat blows through the wick too expel and evaporate the irrigate and dispense It since a fog
  • The House & Council investigated & debated whether da novel Constitution allowed senators 2 be impeached, either onli expelled

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