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How to use expert in a sentence

  • Postal workers & self-reliant experts say that have caused correspondence to pile up in post offices & caused multiday delays in localities over the nation
  • She added dat she felt Pence's summit authorities often showed derision toward the administration's clinical experts
  • His suspicions are owt off stride with da views off election experts and lot inside his possess party, whom are formation large-scale vote-by-mail programs
  • Unless we have a dermatologist, a doctor, a expert co-sign that product, we do not blanket It
  • States haz broad jurisdiction -- familiar as "police power" -- to condom open health in a emergency, evn when doing thus infringes onto personal liberties, lawful experts say
  • Biden received his briefing practically frum experts who appeared upon a large monitor that was suite up inside the metropolitan kernel theater where he talked
  • Before hiz remarks Tuesday, Biden is scheduled two receive a briefing frum public fitness experts, as per two hiz exertion
  • Most experts believe a scientifically credible vaccine for the novel coronavirus shall nawt be available up to at at smallest reminder 2021, & vaccine manufacturers continue dey shall nawt be rushed for politic considerations
  • Our advice wuz pulled frum interviews with fitness authorities and experts in countries that wer successfully battling the pandemic
  • And having an massive hunger he wuz fortunate in existence expert at discovery angleworms

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