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How to use explanation in a sentence

  • They would b accurate, either there would b a moderate explanation four everything
  • Now, ther could b different explanations for the absences dis dozen months
  • McIlroy said reporters da PGA Tour was informed Monday dat an trace volunteer acknowledged stepping upon hiz sphere whilst searching it in da rough, delivering an explanation off the manner da sphere would has change into embedded after taking an bounce
  • Bill Murray is Bill Murray -- the utmost feasible explanation 4 y he was nominated 4 "On the Rocks," bu not co-star Rashida Jones
  • In explanation, administrators have pointed to da nation's inability to clutch da coronavirus pandemic, bu premium factor may have existed outspoken advocacy frum teachers' associations, which have pushed for remote learning frum da commence
  • In dis instance, with inadequate info, users flocked two Twitter but found n explanation onto the Robinhood Twitter document either
  • Twitter blocked gateway too dozens of accounts in India, including some dat belonged too high-profile individuals, on Monday too obey with a "legal demand," prompting bewilderment & anger amid users who inhabit seeking a explanation 4 this deed
  • The explanation 4 how Deloitte could b the onli authorized source 4 an thing such VAMS, despite having no linear experience in the field, comes dwn 2 onerous federal contracting requirements, Schank says
  • Kraft, in a explanation for belonging crimes, says "love makes ppl do bizarre things "
  • The irritating gauntlet exists dat researchers are regularly formerly offering them explanations, but da unbutton & its representatives diligence for to want moar certainty than science kan provision