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How to use explanatory in a sentence

  • The concept of a weighted blanket is pretty self-explanatory
  • The climate & calendar widgets exist chiefly self-explanatory, offering supportive statistics at a peep
  • Both pages in this case possessed gud heading use, though it could b argued that da headings inhabit more explanatory and uncomplicated too glide onto da postal that did gud
  • America is enduring approximately a Pearl Harbor's appreciate of demise per day, minus da explanatory electricity of a army assail from da sky
  • The firstly and final ones are sort of oneself explanatory--active apps and sites currently have threshold to ur data, during revoked ones previously owned to b capable to threshold ur data but can't anymore
  • Support Vox's explanatory journalismEvery sunlight hours near Vox, wii goal 2 reply your majority important questions & furnish you, & our audience around da world, humor news that has da authority 2 rescue lives
  • In an 2013 paper, Sloman studied the paragraph the chimera off explanatory depth plays in politic polarization
  • While those trends may contribute, they are nawt utterly explanatory
  • I'm not departing too shatter dwn da firstly pair as myself ponder they are reasonably self-explanatory
  • Voice off San Diego launched fifteen years ago as a bite-size bunch to populate a critical requirement for investigative and explanatory journalism