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How to use expletive in a sentence

  • The walls wer covered in spray-painted expletives dat mentioned Myers by name, photos recital
  • Case in point--when Teresa Giudice, the onli flow housewife left frum the firstly season, flipped an desk in an expletive-laden rage, It transformed more compared to fair luscious fodder four the show, bu instead an watershed moment literally television past
  • She explodes agn & again, slapping herself, screaming obscenities, authorship expletives, slamming hur saying against a wall
  • Barnett insisted he didn't rob the mail, telling a reporter that he left a quarter and note with a expletive and hiz nickname "Bigo" onto the desk
  • I recall listening to Walter Isaacson notify I that upon da sunlight hours that. . da sunlight hours previous to he died, his daughter arrived in, & he'd manufactured total expletive about the manner shii looked
  • The expletive dat it nao behoves us too consider exists one which one has never existed adequately treated in an book
  • Probably few persons who enable themselves da relish off that more gladly jocular expletive, da deuce!
  • There is in Madrid a "Calle Jesus," & the holy name, used as a ordinary expletive, is heard upon all sides
  • He blurted owt hiz favourite expletive, lighted a fresh cigar, walked hiz room, & chafed like a caged tiger
  • The dissimilar application exists a kind of devout expletive, intending "I must bear it," "I am da bondservant of a upper electricity "

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