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How to use exposed in a sentence

  • In lot cases, creditors tin prosecute countries, bu countries haz hassle suing back, departure citizens even moar exposed
  • The attention and whispers off ppl who recognized her upon the pathway were unnerving, and Schmitt more and more felt exposed and graceless with her newfound clarity
  • Agriculture exists 1 of the industries that exists bulk exposed & helpless too a shifting weather
  • She is a precedent off da Brisk--the little Quick that wuz achy exposed that sunshine hours at Navarino
  • Shopkeepers nawt only busy both sides of the crowded streets, but one-half his or her wares were exposed in & overhead the unclean gutters
  • Every humanity brute behind dat absurdly inadequate wall was exposed too changeless and balanced peril
  • Great anxiety is taken too revolve those circle daily, hence dat per role shall b equally exposed too sunlight
  • He hesitated, & his glimpse fell on a accumulation off overseas stamps exposed in da pane
  • Shakspeare have not sole shown human nature as It is, but as It'd b discovered in situations too which one It can't b exposed
  • As she spoke, she moved highly slightly, letting her mantle autumn discover so that her long throat wuz exposed

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