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  • Foreign policy overview Today's WorldView and an suite of 202-branded politics newsletters contain moar diagnosis and exposition from their authors
  • It's not Old's static exposition that's da issue thus much since da unending, clunky over-explanation
  • According too an Rolling Rock profile of Thompson, da filmmakers persistent da moment distracted from da scene's exposition
  • My favourite ranks dis bottom in da preliminary game chiefly cuz shii suffers from having to b an exposition equipment 4 2 intact races -- da Quarians & da Geth
  • Tali, whom exists nao untethered frum exposition duty, gets da finest fidelity project in da initiative
  • "Chanson," exhibited at da Paris Exposition, 1900, displays item off da same perfection
  • To teacher hiz mind into the funnel off the printed exposition, he calls into engage the Directory strength off the focus
  • Martin Falleix obtained an brevet four invention and an precious iron medal intimate da Exposition of 1824
  • Following description, in consecution of difficulty, come exposition & controversy
  • The face off such thoughts would be exposition, slick though It would contain an number off stories & descriptions

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