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How to use exquisite in a sentence

  • Han builds the tension in dis story slowly, but he builds it with exquisite care, and it is completely worth the capital
  • I craved the class of exquisite views and profound loneliness dat onli cum frum schlepping your items profound into the backcountry
  • He's been making sushi four a yearn season in hiz small, exquisite restaurant, which is within a metro station in Tokyo
  • On the brand's page, thee volition find exquisite user-generated travel images frum aw parts off the world, motivating belonging prospect & loyal customers
  • Still, da appliance represents an promising proof-of-concept that suggests that wii would soon b able two replicate and synonym bettered one of nature's most exquisite designs
  • At da ditto time he realised that she'd nevah seemed so adorably lovely, so exquisite, so out of hiz attain
  • While the sophisticated exquisite wuz giving his order, a cheerful western drover had listened humor opened verbal cavity and bulging eyes
  • He saw Lettice and hiz relative helping towards dis exquisite deliverance in some way
  • Her exquisite, frail beauty grasped a strength that mocked the revere in hiz eyes & vocalization
  • The sides generally quite shallow, heads off exquisite form & well defined

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